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PGSec's update on RWBro Norman - 19th Nov

Dear Brethren,

Below an email from Bob Stokes yesterday who, with Rick Bott our Prov Almoner, is keeping an watchful eye on Norman's progress.  This morning I have also received a call from Trish Plant at Ellindon who has confirmed the situation but also advised that Norman's daily routine with the Physio is ongoing even in his isolation room and which is still progressing well !

Good morning,
As I was not able this morning to get through to speak to Norman, I contacted Roy Bradley who informed me that 
yesterday afternoon he had received a phone call from Marion who stated that Norman had picked up a chest
infection and had been placed in an isolation room and was undergoing treatment for the same. Due to this at this time no visitors were being permitted. When I receive any further information I will of course keep you informed. Regards, S & F Bob Stokes

Hopefully an update soon.
Fraternal Regards,

Brian Elliott
Provincial Grand Secretary
Mark Province of Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire

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