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DPGM's "home visit" to Beneventa Mark in Daventry

Beneventa Mark Lodge no. 1486 was honoured by a familiar face at its meeting in Daventry on Wednesday 18th November - the DPGM - VWBro Brian Ennever PGJO - who is also a member of the lodge.

The occasion was the Installation of WBro Bob Lattaway as Worshipful Master by the outgoing Master, WBro John Henley.

The DPGM was escorted by the PrGDepDC, WBro Richard Bedells PAGDC and in replying to his Official salutations, VWBro Brian said that it was nice to be on 'home ground' and that he was looking forward to a relaxing evening - however he was soon put to work, not only in presenting Mark Grand Lodge Certificates to Bros Alan Hutchinson and Jeremy Scott, but in investing his officers, WBro Lattaway appointed VWBro Brian as his Junior Warden (although WBro Rick Bott ProvGAlm, kindly continued to stand in as JW for the evening to save the DPGM "undue stress").

WBro John Henley installed WBro Lattaway in his usual kind and sincere manner and WBro Bob then applied his own unique character to the office in investing his Officers and carrying out the other duties.

Unfortunately, the lodge DC, WBro Anthony Pointing, had to miss the evening, confined to his sick bed by an undiagnosed virus ("man flu"), but WBro Norman Pope stepped in, pulling in brethren to fill in for absent officers and carrying out the duties flawlessly (He'll go far!)

The entire evening went smoothly, thanks in no small part to the hard work and organisational skills of the lodge Secretary, WBro Malcolm Payne and the event was enjoyed by all.

The future of the lodge looks rosy - at least for the next two years!! 

 PHOTO: (L>R) WBro Richard Bedells PrGDepDC, VWBro Brian Ennever PGJO DepPGM, WBro Bob Lattaway Worshipful Master, WBro John Henley IPM, WBro Norman Pope PPrGInspWks - 'Acting' lodge DC


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