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Beneventa Mark Lodge holds a White Table evening for non-MMM’s

At their meeting on Wednesday 18th January, Beneventa Mark Lodge in Daventry, unusually, were to have no candidate to Advance. The lodge Secretary, WBro Malcolm Payne PPrGSO suggested they hold a White Table evening and following discussions with the Provincial Grand Secretary, WBro Brian Elliott PAGDC (DepPrGM Designate), it turned out that our Provincial Grand Master had already had a similar event in mind to be hosted later in the year at Sheaf Close, and had briefed WBro Jim Boughton to prepare a lecture on the Mark Degree suitable for presentation to non-MMM’s and aimed at giving them an insight into the history and workings of the Mark Degree (without disclosing too many ‘spoilers’). After further discussions (badgering – as Charity Stewards naturally do) with Beneventa lodge’s (& Provincial) Charity Steward, WBro Brian Bell PAGDC, our PrGM agreed that this novel event should be ‘launched’ on a small scale at Daventry.

On the evening, the WM, WBro Rick Hill opened the lodge and conducted brief lodge business, before closing so that the Five non MMM guests, representing all four Daventry lodges as well a one from a Towcester lodge, could be introduced to the lodge room.

WBro Jim’s talk entitled ‘Mark Awareness’, was very informative - several long standing Mark Masons commenting afterwards that they had also learnt several things - and although he not only outlined the duties of many of the lodge Officers, the various ranks of regalia displayed by the brethren, as well as explaining where the context of the Degree’s ritual fitted into the historical situations of other Degrees, he still managed to keep it sufficiently brief that even the most senior Past Masters remained alert – and it certainly appeared to have been successful in highlighting the ‘relaxed’ and friendly atmosphere of this ‘Fun Degree’, as without any strong arm tactics being necessary, the lodge Secretary already reports that he is now in receipt of a fully completed application form with two others known to be in the pipeline. 

Photo shows (L-R) – WBro Jim Boughton PGJD PrGAChap, John Williams (Beneventa), WBro Rick Bott PGJD PrGAlm, Nick Bess (Buckby Castle), WBro Tony Pointing PPrGJO (lodge SW), RWBro George Bonham PrGM GMRAC, WBro Rick Hill (WM), Bro John Starley (lodge JW), Chris Long (Danetre), David Smith (Coritani), WBro Bob Lattaway (IPM), VWBro Brian Ennever PGJO PDepPrGM (lodge DC) and Alan Sparham (Lactodorum)





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