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Report on the MBF Charity Walk - £321K

From: Brian Elliott 
Sent: 6 May 2017 
Subject: Fwd: MBF Charity Walk Offline Donations 


As you will know, today was the MBF Charity Walk in London and I'm delighted say that the overall sum raised was a staggering £321,916.07.

Even more delighted to tell you that our N&H team, WBro Marcus Dickens (Croyland), Bro Stephen Henley (The Graftonian), Bro Mo Moussi (St Ivo) and Bro Simon Harker (Ferrers) accompanied by Marcus and Stephen's partners did a superb job taking 2 hours and 20 minutes to complete the 8 mile walk.  The attached picture shows them taking a well earned break afterwards back at MMH and enjoying a buffet and drink.  Sadly WBro Keith Baines was unable to join the team at the last moment.

The Northants & Hunts contribution to this wonderful total now stands at £1136.  The donation web site is still open and available if you would like to show your appreciation of their brilliant efforts.


Brian Elliott
Provincial Grand Secretary
Mark Province of Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire


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