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W.Bro. Jim Scott was Advanced into Mark Masonry in the Powys Lodge of MMM No.685 on the 28th October 1968 and attained the Chair of Adoniram in that Lodge in 1978. His last Provincial appointment to PPrGSW in 1996 was followed two years later by Grand Rank to PGStdB in 1998.

Bro Jim, now in his 93rd year, was due to receive his 50 Year Certificate from the Grand Lodge of MMM at the regular Powys meeting on the 29th October this year exactly 50 years and one day after his Advancement. Unfortunately, due to ill health he was unable to attend the meeting so the Deputy Provincial Grand Master agreed with the Lodge Secretary, W.Bro. Owen Davison, PPrGSO on that evening to visit Bro. Jim at his home at the earliest opportunity to present him with his certificate from the Grand Master.

W.Bro. Brian Elliott, accompanied by W.Bro. Owen Davison visited W.Bro. Jim Scott at his home in Desborough during the morning of 26th November when they both found Jim in good spirits. Jim’s son, also Jim Scott, was present and following the presentation all enjoyed some time together.

Brian Elliott

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