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Back Row l to r: Bro. Michael Fraser, Bro. Jack Hirst, Bro. Gene David, W.Bro.Richard Hill, WC, W.Bro. Tony Pointing, Bro. Simon Key, W.Bro. Richard Bedells RAMGR, ProvGDC

Front Row l to r: W.Bro. Andrew Woodward RAMGR, Bro. John Westlake, W.Bro. Brian Elliott, RAMGRDepPrGM, W.Bro. Tim Almond, W.Bro. Gilbert Williamson, W.Bro. Norman Pope.

The Royal Ark Mariner Tracing Board Lecture is a piece of ritual that is not often heard in our Mariner Lodges but on the 11thFebruary The Graftonian RAM Lodge No.1243 rectified that situation in a superb presentation of it by eleven members of the Lodge.

The lecture portrays not only the origins of the RAM Degree but also episodes and symbols relating to the many masonic degrees being worked in masonic lodges in the 18thcentury.  The lecture was subsequently revised in the late 1950’s by two Hertfordshire freemasons after diligent search amongst the records in the archives of Mark Masons’ Hall.

The RAM Ritual Book No.1 defines the presentation into four parts but The Graftonian Lodge divided the work into eleven parts in a well thought out and choreographed delivery under the direction of W.Bro. Tim Almond.  He was assisted in presentation order by Bro. John Westlake, W.Bro. Tony Pointing, Bro. Gene David, Bro. Michael Fraser, Bro. Jack Hirst, W.Bro. Gilbert Williamson, W.Bro. Andrew Woodward, Bro. Simon Key, W.Bro. Norman Pope and completed by the WC, W.Bro.Richard Hill.

In thanking the brethren for their presentation, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master remarked that the use of a team of eleven had worked extremely well making for a very enjoyable and enlightening experience for the listener.

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