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Announcement of W.Bro.David Snape as Provincial Grand Assistant Charity Steward

Following the release of the list of Provincial Officers for the 2019-2020 year, W. Bro Brian Bell wrote to the Provincial Grand Master in March, informing him that due to his continuing health problems he felt unable to accept the active office of Provincial Grand Assistant Charity Steward, to which he had been appointed. In his response to W. Bro. Brian, The Provincial Grand Master expressed his complete understanding and thanked him for his hard work and his positive enthusiasm over his five years in the Office of Provincial Grand Charity Steward and for the way he gave encouragement to the Lodge Charity Stewards in promoting both the MBF and the Provincial Mark Benevolent Association.

W. Bro Brian leaves the Provincial Team having seen 9 Mark Lodges achieve the MBF Grand Patron Diamond Award, and 6 Lodges awarded the MBF Grand Patron Gold award and our youngest Lodge, Ailwyn Lodge, holds the MBF Grand Patron award.
He will long be remembered for his phrase "ENTHUSIASM IS INFECTIOUS DO YOU WANT TO CATCH IT".  
The Provincial Grand Master is therefore pleased to announce that W. Bro David Snape P.G.S.D. has been offered and accepted the appointment of Provincial Grand Assistant Charity Steward and will assume his duties along with W. Bro Jeff Chambers (Provincial Grand Charity Steward) on 22nd June. I am sure that you will see this team visiting and encouraging your Lodges to support our Charity and I am equally sure that you and your brethren will give them your support when requested.  
This team remember also administers the Province’s web site Regalia “Shop” where donated regalia is sold in support of the Provincial Benevolent Association.

Best wishes and fraternal regards 


W. Bro. J. David Sowerby P.A.G.D.C.
Provincial Grand Secretary
Mark Province of Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire

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