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A chance conversation between W.Bro. Barry Weigleb and one of his neighbours has led to the N&H MBA in conjunction with the brethren of Croyland Lodge of MMM and Admiral Beatty Lodge of RAM in providing two much needed industrial sized refrigerators to the Phoenix Resource Centre (Northampton) Ltd, Charity No. 1133503, based in Raunds, Wellingborough.

Phoenix Resource Centre, although based in Wellingborough, has branches elsewhere across the country, that collects amongst other things, foodstuffs from various sources and then quickly distributes to the local Day Centre, homeless charities, food parcel organisations, soup kitchens etc.  Staffed totally by volunteers they were desperately in need of finding a replacement to an ageing domestic fridge in which to store perishable foodstuffs received from donor organisations such as Booker Wholesale.  Without this resource they found that they had to refuse much of the donations through fear of perishing.

The two lodges agreed to fund the purchase of one industrial sized fridge between them and approached the MBA for matched funding for a further fridge.  This was very quickly approved by the Trustees of the MBA and within 2 days the fridges were purchased, delivered and immediately put to good use as can be seen in the photograph below.

On the 12th November the two fridges were “officially” handed to Phoenix Resource Centre when W.Bro. Brian Elliott, Deputy ProvGM and MBA Chairman, accompanied by W.Bro Barry Weigleb, Provincial Grand Almoner and W.Bro. Tony Marshall both of Croyland and Admiral Beatty Lodges accompanied by W.Bro. Jeff Chambers, Provincial Grand Charity Steward attended at the Phoenix Warehouse in Wellingborough to meet with Mr. Andrew Richardson, Trustee and Mr. Sid Norris, Warehouse Manager.

A brief tour and explanation of all the work undertaken by Phoenix by Andrew Richardson followed and everyone left the premises very impressed by what was being achieved by such a small group.  We can be very proud of playing a small part in helping them achieve their stated aims of “Recycle, Reuse, Reduce”



l to r: Mr. Sid Norris, Warehouse Manager-Phoenix Resource Centre, Mr. Andrew Richardson, Trustee-Phoenix Resource Centre, W.Bro. Brian Elliott, DepProvGM, Chairman N&H MBA, W.Bro. Barry Weigleb, Provincial Grand Almoner and W.Bro. Tony Marshall of Croyland Lodge MMM and Admiral Beatty Lodge RAM.

A letter of grateful thanks received by the Provincial Grand Almoner from The Phoenix Resource Centre was accompanied by a photograph showing both fridges fully stocked with perishable foodstuffs ready for quick distribution to the needy.

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