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From: J. David Sowerby

Date: 08:51am 25th April 2020 

Good morning Brother Secretaries and Scribes ,

Due to the formal Suspension of Freemasonry on 17 March and the continuing restrictions covering the unnecessary movement and gathering of people implemented by Government you will have understood that the Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting due to take place on 27 June has been cancelled.

Under the Constitutions & Regulations of the Order the Provincial Grand Master is required to hold an Annual Provincial Grand Lodge. Such will be held later in the Year subject to the Suspension being lifted and Government relaxing/removing the “Covid 19” Regulations but primarily when it is deemed safe for the brethren to meet.

When normality returns a truncated form of Provincial Grand Lodge will be held as soon as possible to transact essential business which will include the adoption of the accounts and the election of the Treasurer and Account auditors there will not be an investiture. There will be no official visitors and currently the intention is that there will not be a festive board afterwards.

Those officers appointed in both Active and Past Rank will assume their new ranks and be entitled to wear the Collar, Collar Jewel and Apron of their preferment as of 27th June 2020. With regard the Collar Jewels of the Active Officers,  the Deacons Wands and the regalia of the Stewards instructions will follow once normality returns, the current thinking is that they could be passed on to the new team at the rearranged Provincial Annual Meeting.

The Advancees of the year will each receive their Province Token during July. 

Please forward this e-mail to all of your brethren."

Best wishes and do look after yourself and the family
W. Bro. J. David Sowerby P.A.G.D.C., Prov.R.A.M.G.R.
Provincial Grand Secretary
Mark Province of Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire
Tel No. 01832 734688

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