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The Fitzwilliam Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 477 held an additional meeting on Thursday 24th April to dedicate their new banner. The Provincial Grand Master Right Worshipful Brother George Edward Bonham and the provincial team carried out the dedication ceremony. The banner was escorted into the lodge by the worshipful Master Worshipful Brother John Haddon and the banner bearer was Worshipful Brother Trevor Bradshaw. The meeting was attended by the deputy Grand Master, past Grand Masters, past deputy grand masters and many grand lodge officers as well as provincial officers. A very enjoyable evening was had by all.
WBro Russell Laxton
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Photos show - WBro John Clarke ProvGDirCer, WBro Brian Elliott PrvGSec, VWBro Brian Ennever DPGM, RWBro George Bonham PGM, WBro John Haddon WM, RWBro Norman Manser PPGM, Bro Trevor Bradshaw Prov Banner Bearer and RWBro Roy Keith Bradley PPGM.

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