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Provincial Grand Master's new Apron


It has been noticed recently that our Provincial Grand Master has become a little frayed at the edges - or at least his regalia has - and so whilst attending a Provincial team visit to Beneventa Mark lodge in January 2011, the DPGM, VWBro Richard Turpin presented our PGM with a fine new apron.

In making the presentation, VWBro Richard said that he hopes that it will save him a lot of work carrying out last minute running repairs on the way to visits, tidying up loose threads, to ensure that our Provincial Grand Master is always impeccably turned out as expected. Assisting the DPGM with the presentation was WBro Claude Smith AGStdBr PrGTyler

Forthcoming Meetings

Thu Sep 03 @ 6:00PM - 10:00PM
1871 Ailwyn Lodge of MMM

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