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Three way Provincial Team Visit to Simon de St Liz Mark Lodge


Visits by Provincial teams from not just one, but three Provinces, to the meeting of Simon de St Liz Mark lodge on Tuesday 14th January, swelled attendance at Freemason’s Hall in Sheaf Close, to levels normally only seen at Annual Provincial Grand Lodge meetings – with 122 seated in the Max Bayes temple and 117 then staying to enjoy the very convivial atmosphere at the Festive board, which was ably organized by the lodge D.C. WBro Barry Stephenson, Secretary WBro Kevin Elliott and Senior Steward Bro Chris Zouch.

The Worshipful Master, WBro Tony Potter, was pleased to receive our PGM, RWBro George Bonham, accompanied by his Deputy, WBro Brian Ennever and four further Right Worshipful Brethren – our Past PGM RWBro Norman Manser and RWBro Alan Stewart PGJW, RWBro Chris Smith the PGM of Bedfordshire accompanied by his Deputy, WBro Russ Howard and PDPGM VWBro Peter Vaughan and RWBro James Hilditch the PGM of Oxfordshire, accompanied by his Deputy, WBro Stephen Willoughby. Both of the visiting Provincial Grand Masters also brought with them large deputations from their teams of Provincial Officers.

Also present were two acting Officers of Mark Grand Lodge, WBros Philip Purves DGDC and Brian Elliot AGDC as well as various heads of orders and members of their executive - from the Craft, our Provincial Grand Master RWBro Max Bayes, VWBro Dr Viv Thomas DPGM who is also the Right Eminent Provincial Prior of Knights Templar, WBro Norman Pope APGM along with R Ill Comp Michael Bellian Jolley the District Grand Master for the East Midlands District of Royal and Select Masters and Ill Kt Peter Dawson the Deputy Intendant General of the East Midlands Division of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine.

The highlight of the evening was the Ceremony of Advancement for Bro Robert Dickens, a member of Kingsley craft lodge, who following the WM’s accurate instructions, was expertly guided by the Deacons, Bros Foreman and Lilley and having survived the attentions of the Junior Warden Bro Terry Journeaux, was taken to the Overseers, Bros Frosdick, Brame and Crawford, who diligently carried out their duties before he was finally rewarded by the Senior Warden Bro Philip Potter.


The Photo shows in Back row (left to right) – RWBro James Hilditch PGM Oxon, RWBro George Bonham PGM N&H, WBro Tony Potter WM, RWBro Chris Smith PGM Beds & WBro Philip Purves DGDC
and Front row – Bro Terry Journeaux JW, WBro Brian Ennever DPGM N&H & Bro Philip Potter SW


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